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The Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation (HLHL, Chinese: 何梁何利基金) is a Hong Kong-based non-government organisation which annually bestows prizes upon Chinese scientists. It was established on 30 March 1994, with funds donated from the charitable foundations of Ho Sin Hang (He Shanheng), Leung Kau-Kui (梁銶琚, Liang Qiuju), Ho Tim (何添, He Tian), and Lee Quo-wei (Li Guowei).[1]

Foundation Awards[edit]

  • Science and Technology Achievement Award
  • Science and Technology Progress Award
  • Science and Technology Innovation Award

Past winners of awards includes:


  1. ^ "Regulation of the Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation on the Selection of the award winners of its Prizes". Ho Leung Ho Lee Foundation. 15 May 2007.

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